Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Giddy Dannii's Diddy Ride

With a squidgy bassline like chaffing PVC, Sunny D is back raping the ears with another party jam set to fast-track the process of picking up sexual partners in a club of any gender - "I wanna feel you ... in my arms" keeps tabloid newspapers, not to mention her love blender, in quivering suspense. Loose Dannii-can declares an emergency bill, such liberal economic legislation for slithering on top of ready-made dance tracks has never sounded so shamelessly natural. It's a big swirl from start to finish, as if being daisy chained by an African tribe whilst singing Hakuna Matata - giddy Dannii's diddy ride is a guaranteed top 20 smash.

Touch Me Like That
Party Jam

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