Monday, 22 October 2007

Reckless Inflammation

The rampant electro swagger of Faster Kill Pussycat finds an unexpected scion with Taxi Dolls' reckless erruption Waiting, a song also not dissimilar from Stereostars' Utopia and Flash Dance by Deep Dish. Inspiriting established dance classics undersells the remix achievements of the group: the Josh Harris radio edit is more infectious than having unprotected sex with the locals in Kenya; and singer Dhana's glossy, curdling ad libs are sung so feverishly as if sinking her nails in to scratch a nasty, oozing itch she "attained" at the weekend. Meanwhile, the inescapable inflammation of the chorus flushes out her lively passage of movement - "and the waiting is gone" she reckons.

Waiting (Josh Harris Radio Edit)

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