Wednesday, 24 October 2007

O Misery, O Hate, O Meara

Racist pop cist Jo 'O' Meara gets on the defensive with her anthem Let's Love (Caucasian Dance Mix), which is almost as fun as her tearful dedication to big 'O' dicks What Hurts The Most. Her shimmering souvenirs of regret can't remedy her exhile, but Gays who don't care will no doubt dance along and sniff nitrate to the soundtrack of someone else's insincere misery quite happily until a much better song gets played such as Geri Halliwell's Scream If You Wanna See My Ginger Beaver. I can't possibly comment on the rumors that I once had no option but to watch Jo's music video under the covers because of the Tiga-esque bit of rough, but I will confirm I had a big 'O' wank about him instead.

Let's Love (Metro Remix)

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