Tuesday, 28 July 2009

100% Fierce

Above: I don't think that is nipple.

One of my favourite remixes ever is the pulsating Erick More Vocal Mix of gravel-voiced Crystal Waters' 2nd mammoth hit single from the 90s, 100% Pure Love, a track that only narrowly escaped both the American Billboard Hot 100 top ten and being released as a Geri Halliwell single in 2005 (as good as it was). Her distinct, barren vocals have no frills which means her songs work extra hard to work their magic on you. She could really just be a content lesbian postwoman humming songs to herself, but thank the heavens she thought 'yes, I will become a popstar' as her signature hit Gypsy Woman might have been sung by someone as hideously talented as Ultra Nate - just imagine the travesty!

Below: logical Crystal told her internet sex-date via msn that she would be 'the woman discreetly standing behind the microphone on stage in front of all the gays wearing shades'.
Well, I do rate Waters' capabilities and her crispy two-tone expression exfoliates the ears with her blues and jazz influences, which proves an intoxicating proposition even music-lovers demmanding singers with the ability to sing could not resist. Her firm establishment as a dance legend was further cemented at the turn of the millenium with releases My Time and the ubiquitous Destination Unknown. She also worked with Janet Kackson pimps Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Dallas Austin, but these results were sadly lacklustre and disappeared faster than the idea of Janet Jackson wearing a decent bra. The tribal Erik More remix perfectly suits Crystal's campaign for straight-talking sexual encounters, 'from the back to the middle and around again' sets her standards high and after 19 singles of various quality we are in no position ourselves to disagree.

100% Pure Love (Erick More Vocal Mix)


Mike said...

Oh I love this bitch too. She was FIERCE but that album (the one with "100% Pure Love) is fucking dire. It has 2 or 3 decent tracks and the rest is filth.

Diva Incarnate said...

When Geri Halliwell records a better version of your song you know you're in trouble.