Monday, 20 July 2009

Bust Me Anywhere You Like

A Diva Incarnate first: rap! Whilst my knowledge of rap music may be limited to pausing Nelly and The Game videos with a roll of toilet paper at hand, I do actually like some of the stuff. I will breifly qualify myself, referring to albums in my collection by Q-Tip, the Beastie Boys, Missy Elliot and of course the legendary fluid skills of Lady Miss Kier Kirby on her Deee-Lite albums. Limited, yes, but not completely ignorant or in refusal to enjoy good music.

Above: Estelle grinds in vain as Busta demonstrates what he learned in prison.

Anyway, I have always had a not-so-soft spot for the beefy flamboyance and masculine artifice of Busta Rhymes, his size, witty deliivery and particularly his extroverted videos. Did I mention I like his size? What I love about some rappers is their unspoken employment of epicene campness and exagerrated homoerotic bitchiness; whether any would freely admit to this rationally or otherwise. Busta released his 8th album, Back In My BS (Back With My BBD would have been a better title), back in May to a mixed responce, and it is only now that I have paid any attention after seeing his marvelous new single, World Go Round, which features wannabe Estelle and is actually the album's 4th release! Squidgy, glistening Guetta-esque dance beats from Jelly Roll asphyixiate the distinctive sample from Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), with Busta's rapid-fire style dominating (just the way I like it) enough to give you bruises in all the right places. Estelle's chorus is curious: at first it is unremarkable but it develops into a middle-8 that gets song up in the air, almost as high as Busta can get my legs; just remember to bring a wheelchair and an ice-pack for afterwards - did I explain I like his size?


Mike said...

Girl, you're so down with the kids!

Will you be buying a doo rag and baggy pants to complete the transformation?

Diva Incarnate said...

I'm like the most 'white', 'gay' white gay guy there is, so hardly, but I will say anything if I think I'm going to get daisy chained by someone's crew or bouncers.