Friday, 24 July 2009

Gina G is back again!

Well DP me with chainsaws, coming hot off her heels from the unforgettable UK #57 Hi-NRG flamenco-flutter Tonight Is The Night, Gina fucking G is back! She is back for the very first time since 2006, with 3 flashy new tracks and a remix on her re-rouged myspace profile: Reinvented is a sparse high-speed electro delivery every bit as good or bad as a La Roux/Little Boots/whomever-thinks-they-are-the-shit track, with a tumbling drum loop as she incredulously scorns a crap ex-lover; Friday has a faux-lesbian rock attitude that is more Mel C than Gina G, and doesn't offer much. Looking far brighter (and faring far more feminine than her new pic), she revives her vibrant pop promise on the glitzy Next To You, which is the best of this lot and up there with Undone - very cutesy and made up to the 90s. 'Kissing you is like candy, mmm delicious' is a classic Gina G lyric that brings back fond memories of her former excessive gidiness - 'my brother doesn't like ya, my sister thinks you're cool' being her adrenalised peak from album shade Rhythm of My Life. The nintendo-style influence of the backing track is utterly adorable, the perfect backing for Gina's gushingly coy delivery whereby she paints herself in a Super Mario Bros world, as Princess Daisy seeking her 'superhero' - her blushing articulation regarding the anticipation of some fit guy is like Shakespeare.

Above: Gina G's imeasurably kitsch image was years ahead of celluloid sirens such as Rita Hayworth who waited until the 1940s to shoot such inconic photographs.

My heart swells when I think of Gina G: Next To You is simply divine, and like she sings, 'don't get me started' is my own pre-nuptial demand for her to follow this through and give me a fucking album! As on her best Fresh! cuts, I can honestly say I get the same feeling with Next To You, that this pop princess' heart is pumping ecstatically and is ready to strut her stuff at Pride celebrations all over the UK. Such a driven performance is well worth investigating for curious casual fans. These tracks are marvelous to have, and even if she can't realistically chase after the Motiv8 dream, she has hooked me back in with her effortless charm as if it were 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001 or 2005 and 2006 again.

Gina's facebook has all the answers.


Mike said...

I worship Gina G! She's such an amazing icon of fabulousness. I like the new stuff and I hope she manages to come back strongly. I'd take her over any of the new wannabe pop divas.

Diva Incarnate said...

My friend was at a meeting that had a cute Xeonomania guy apparantly (Sam was the name mentioned), and my friend suggested using Gina G as 'her career is long flushed' which went down like a hot potatoe, with this apparantly gorgeous guy saying 'ugh, I've worked with her, I'm friends with her, she is so not over'. So hurrah!