Friday, 13 July 2007

Vitamin C Japanese Bonus Tracks

Japan eats up pop music like Jodie Marsh guzzles the cum and pre-cum of low division football teams of legal and pre-legal age. This means they get their proper pop fix, including many tracks turning out to be proper single material, but also don't run the same sexual health risk-addiction as Lady Marsh because pop music is 'clean' and goes in through the ears.

Vitamin C generously gave this market two exclusive bonus tracks tacked onto each of her glorified studio albums: Vitamin C showcased the energised and sprightly The Only One (which I shall make available when I can); and More bestowed the downbeat highlight This Summer I which is about "probably dying" or something. Both are little gems of her poptastic talents:

This Summer I

Vitamin C's last single was a lucky-for-us UK release, and her efforts were rewarded with a top 75 'smash' - she has gorgeous hair in the cheap video, which is on youtube and is a 'mash it up' cover of The Strokes hit on top of Heart of Glass. VC's early stardom peaked with a starring role in the masterpiece original film Hairspray as Debbie Harry's spoilt daughter, and her vocal comparison to Harry's often smooth delivery make this an interesting choice. It is also one of the finest pop productions of the 2000's - the remixes were piss poor, but to salvage the lot is the Manhattan Clique Edit:

Last Night (Manhattan Clique Edit)

Two brand new recordings were leaked by whatever means on a myspace profile: Smash It Up is an older-and-wiser Smile, and Learning To Love The Enemy unleashes her trademark eccentric sensibilities. Take a deep breath and read my album review below, which is also up on wikipedia.

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Corey said...

I was also hoping to get a copy of "This summer I" as well. Again, both of her Japanese bonus tracks are pretty much impossible to find but would love to add this little gem to my Vitamin C collection as well!