Sunday, 17 April 2011

Danniii Minogue - Welcome The Teardrops

In her most selfless decision since writing a song about Kylie having cancer (I'm going to hell for that joke - I hope my regular readers know I'm not being nasty), Dannii Minogue's often speculated about collaboration with legendary songwriter Billy Steinberg resulted in the completion of two successfully unreleased ballads, and Dannii recently gave one away to an up and coming he-she pop star currently doing the rounds on the Hollywood club scene, twitter and any blog going basically. I was intrigued to say the least. As it turns out I am loving this guy's work (see my review), and, more than anything, his cover of the Australian's umpteenth hit-that-never-was. Let's all dry our eyes and hear what I had to say about it.

The glistening guitar ballad Welcome The Teardrops is not available on the still-fresh Fairytales EP by Nomi Madness, but with any luck it will be included on a future album. The song was originally recorded by Diva favourite Dannii Minogue for the purposes of her shelved follow-up album to 2003's moderately well-recieved classic Neon Nights, and has remained unreleased until now. What is most interesting is that Nomi actually sings this song in a very Dannii way on the expressively furlon verses. However, there is no doubt that this talented singer makes the song 'his own' - the melting chorus is an instant classic (think Dannii doing Roxette-meets-Belinda-meets-Wilson Phillips), and has 'hit single' stamped all over it. Poor Dannii, yet again losing out on such a gem of a song. This is one of my favourite recordings I have heard all year, and I'll most certainly be including it in my best tracks of 2011 countdown. Co-written by someone called Billy Steinberg - I am plenty sure the guy will get his big break someday. Who knows - perhaps Nomi will wisen up and stick it on his album?

Welcome The Teardrops (Unreleased) by Diva Incarnate

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