Wednesday, 13 April 2011

90s Remembrance: Kate Pierson & Iggy Pop - Candy

Kate Pierson's trailor-trash ballad Candy with Iggy Pop still gives me the chills. Her expressive, diner surface-cleanin' musings about missing her man who's fresh out the cell are gorgeous: she sounds heartbroken, just brutal, but her ballsy yelps are simply magnificent, conveying melancholia in all its raw, exposed, angry truth. Candy went on to become Iggy's one and only Billboard Hot 100 hit single, and graced the Australian top ten, reaching #9. Incredibly, Pierson has never recorded a solo record, but her incredible harmonies with Cindy Wilson as the jiving, Bee-hiving, thriving frontwomen for the B-52s secure her status as an icon of American music, on equal billing with Mr Pop himself.

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