Monday, 4 April 2011

Ivy - In The Clear (2005)

This album has a lot going for it, but two songs in particular have struck me. Oozing out like fresh air, Ocean City Girl is one of those gentle tracks that simply float into your consciousness and leave a remarkable impression. Expressive and refined vocals take flight using fuzzy guitars, rippling piano keys and a gorgeous aura of airyness. Thinking About You is a more emphatic challenge for album highlight: strummy summer-pop par excellence, it almost has a cool, insoucient air of Saint Etienne meets Coffee/TV Blur meets jangly Supergrass undercurrent, such is its brisk and crisp harmonies colliding orgasmically with backing vocals that hit you like rays of sunlight. James Iha, former guitarist of the Smashing Pumpkins, features on guitar here as well (it might be strange to mention how similar Dominique Durand's gently soothing voice is to D'arcy Wretky's). The rest won't let you down either: the album keeps its flow going throughout.

Choice lyric -'I know that I have someone, but I can't remember who'.


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