Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had

Beyonce singing "what goes around" is harder to swallow than her favourite family-size-for-one KFC buckets, but she of the Derion has turned out one of her finest singles of all time. Granted, such grand statements are easy to make when your catalogue includes such 'gems' as Girls and Deja Vu. Her vocal is as affected as ever and it's very 1996, which is actually a huge compliment. However, I can't help of Nadine, who made music that sounded like 1994, and Gabby Cilmi, chosing to pay tribue to 1995, who both flopped. Safe and bland - finally Beyonce has found her niche (unless she fancies, finally, making more music like No No No and Get On The Bus again). It's no Rose Coloured Glasses.

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