Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Princess - All For Love (1987)

Despite a promising opening track, much on offer here is dependent on the vocal supremacy of Princess injecting all she can into second-rate filler material with 80s contemporary production. This her first post-PWL effort, the aim is top 40 rnb-pop spliced with a slight dance tinge. Red Hot works wonderfully: it's choice lyric "do you like boys or do you like girls" haunts me like my school days, and is edgy, dark stuff. Her grimacing open-minded investigation to get into some guys calvin's is admirable, but a simple grope usually works for me. The faintly histrionic I Cannot Carry On is an electro-charged trigger of 80s Hi-NRG sensations, but takes a few insertions to develop a feel for. I might not have much use for this album, but her voice is something that deserved a bigger audience than PWL obsessives and her short career was all too brief.


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