Monday, 13 June 2011

Gina G - Next 2 U (New Music Video)

One of the surprise treats of 2011 has without a doubt been the re-emergence of Gina G. Her perky comeback tune Next 2 U is an intoxicating rush of tantalising adrenaline, with its stylish production flourishes, Gina's gushing vocal and blushing lyrics about turning to jelly because of some hot guy. In it's new music video, Gina turns to her nearest gay bar in order to find the men of her dreams - she seems to be attracting the attention of two guys (one is the very hot Emmanuel Carella) that could almost pass for identical twins, and maybe she hasn't realized yet as she takes a break from her mission in order to perform on stage as well. Who knows how it all turned out, as the video teases "to be continued" right at the end before we get to see who she'll be sharing her taxi with. Whatever the story arc, Gina looks sensational and her new brown locks really show off her bone structure. With Gina balancing, during a recent trip back to Australia, promoting and recording, stay tuned for more Gina updates.

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