Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nina Hagen did it first Lady Gaga, you got that?

I was going to review Lady Gaga's disastrous Born This Way album, but every time I tried I simply typed in better examples into youtube, such as Nina Hagen and Leila K. Don't get me wrong, Vadge of Glory is a gorgeous MOR stadium ballad thickly lubricated with a Teutonic dance-pop gloss, but the legendary Nina Hagen sums it up best with her own brandy of kooky gutteral splattering, octave-tsunami anthems on her 90s classic So Bad, here given the Utah Saints remix treatment:

Furthermore, Nina Hagen did the whole 'club kids' gutter-glam New York trip thing with her best known hit single New York New York:

And even her 'down with the gays' moments are infinitely more fun (skip to 2:53):

Above: Now we know where Gina G stole her Next 2 U look from!

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