Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rozlyne Clarke - Gorgeous (1990)

With an album called Gorgeous, the pressure was on for big-in-France Ozzy house diva Rozlyne Clarke to deliver a decent album cover at the very least. Luckily her looks are better than her average voice, and the flashes of relentless house beats and bulges of bass are enough to make one not pay the blindest bit of notice. If only Cherly Cole would start naming her own records in much the same way: maybe album #3 (God help us) could be called Do My Dimples Make You Forget I'm A Former Racist? Clarke might be white, but she's down with the swirl and recreates her own Vogue with pumping dance-pop energy and toned homosexual back-up dancers. The fleshed-out Eddy Steady Go is the winning formula here: it's by far the best on offer. The juicy grooves continue on the singles Dancing Is Like Making Love, Eddy Steady Go, the title track and the French club chart #26 smash Wizard of Roz. With spiralling piano keys, thick and fast house hysteria and the slow one, Gorgeous feeds off its singles, but there's a fun vibe throughout.


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