Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ezcapade - When The Beat Drops

Thankfully not about taking a dump on the dancefloor, work-shy producers Love To Infinity hooked up with Carina Lirola to unleash the very hygienic club banger When The Beat Drops together as Ezcapade.

Any dance diva game for wearing only a leotard with heels gets instant attention for pure pop trash potential alone (the look is very ‘find me a construction site to walk past’ and I only say that because I’m jealous of course), that’s just a fact, but these dance dealers are far more far-reaching than that, innit, as they shamelessly stampede over the sound of Cascada’s Evacuate The Dancefloor formula, with an avalanche of fizzy synths and glamorous guitar sounds that bristle with a violence like a beard of fragmented glass.

Taking some its juice from Cascada is no bad thing – these guys merely fuse the aesthetic to their own southward agenda, not to mention it sounds infinitely more classy. The track explodes with an addictive rash of revved up rave noises, and the video more than lives up to the visceral sensations of the sounds. As always, show me a 12” and I am in heaven, and possibly a wheelchair afterwards with an ice-pack - who doesn't like a good disco pounding?


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she;s a great pop star, nice write up and the song bodes well for the kelly stuff as well. i mean lola! LOL