Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Freak Asylum World Exclusive!

Above & Below: think Myra Hindley meets Street Fighter - Lola Leethal kills it only on the dancefloor!

Kelly Llorenna's management team (no, she doesn't work for Greggs before you even ask) have very generously given Diva Incarnate the world exclusive premier of Freak Asylum's very first official promotional images to help launch their exciting new project. The pics are very film noir, with Lola Leethal's lurid blonde hair extensions being remincent of the film The Lady From Shanghai. K-Lo is currently due to go 'mad for it' on Wednesday night in Ibiza on the Clubland tour, and will strut her stuff for Doncaster and Bristol Pride, before finally going back for more Clubland action in Majorca for the Sunday. What a lazy cow.


Anonymous said...

Looooovin it whens the album out??

Rebel without a clause said...

What I like about K-Lo is that she is as much a music fan as she is a music maker. Kelly has an amazing natural talent for 'selling' a song and so is a natural born actress in a way and therefore the film noire'ish look suits her to a "T". All power to her as he is one of the most under-rated female vocalists around it would be nice for her to get the recognition she deserves.

Anonymous said...

a million times better than where she was goin with the 80s covers