Monday, 10 August 2009

Don't Fuck With Jenny Frost

Oh yes she did!

Self-styled orange nazi Jenny Frost stunned an indifferent audience of gays into restless submission with her smash hit Don't Fuck With Me at 2005's Big Gay Out, which also featured promising young acts such as Gina G, Human League, Sybil and Angie Stone (the last two of which had to be heckled off by the tragic host as they were not for leaving the stage without singing the same song again acapella).

They did not have class like lady muck Frost, who lip-synched her lungs off to her debut solo flop Crash Landing (a minor blip that has so far cancelled any further plans to slaughter more half-rank dance tunes), and bravely fed off the audience's insatiable anorexia for her solo material by singing her unreleased sultry mantra completely live. It was a wonderful feeling.

Trust lesbians to ruin everything by chanting along, no doubt sensing faceless youtube glory was upon them faster than growing a FUP*. Frost didn't waste any time connecting with the audience, they knew the score, preferring to pose-as-if-dancing-instead-of-actually-dancing to secure her Daily Star front cover, and deliberately made her frumpy dress ride up as far as it could go without giving the front row an idea of which footballers she had been sleeping with. I wish I had the patience to pause-frame this clip in order to potentially point myself out as I was right at the front, just for Gina, but Frost was the surprise of the event - although sadly this anthem has yet to see the light of day.

*Fat upper pussy.

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Mike said...

OMG! What a stunning trash classic! I demand this feral skank whore make a comeback!