Saturday, 5 September 2009

Do Your Worst, Get It All Off Your Chest

Marcella Detroit's savagely dignified vocals yelp in familiar baby-seal discomfort on her 1996 floptastic anthem I Hate U Now. Taken from the sublime Feeler album, the track begins with her provincial viewpoint outlined with a seething monologue and a gulping bassline as a throbbing lump in her throat. Yet after this blistering soliloquy, Detroit's vocals take the higher ground and gain impowerment through the disenfranchesment of personal reflections. 'Back in the day', when the track climaxed with its splintering guitar solo releasing the internal excitement of rage, a backward head-tilt never felt so good.

Marcy never quite understood how to be a pop star, but this wailing godess of guitar soul remains a cult obsession of mine. Her album's are soaked in her expressive, plaintive and self-aware songwriting skills. Her composed solicitations may not have lived up to the commercial expectations of Stay, but Detroit is a singer like few others.


Mike said...

I never really got Marcella. She was a bit too obtuse for me back in the day. However, she clearly had something. Maybe it's time to jump aboard the cougar comeback bandwagon!

Diva Incarnate said...

Maybe she'll go down the Billie Myers route and record trashy sex anthems. Then again, she's loaded from Lay Down Sally and Stay royalties. I just sympathise with her because of Siobhan Fahey's disgraceful comments about her being 'crap' LOL.