Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Billie Wants To Screw Her Life Up

Unexpectedly, the baptizing Aquax Radio edit of Where Fools Rush In by 'Dietrich of techno' Billie Ray Martin ripples to the surface and sounds like a lost goose-bumps worthy Dannii Minogue remix from the Australian's plaintive still-on-the-pedastal Girl era. Sublime in other words, and her healthy stamina for heartache aches like never before.

The sensational whirlpool trance sucks you right in, and the cleansing cloud-skimming sense of weightlessness proves the perfect setting for the singer's soft vocal restraint, which trembles for the chance to screw her life up and have her heart broken for real this time. The sheer thrill of hearing a song that could be the Supremes in their vintage 60s hip-clapping peak now given the type of dance treatment fans of Your Loving Arms might appreciate takes advantage with gushing lyrics, of which flow like a running tap, and create something breathtakingly introverted and redemptive. The original's doo-wop eggshell exterior is a wistful classic, but I just cannot sober up from the immersing distilled trance raining into my ears from this remix.

Above: I was actually right at the front when Billie bled for us at Karbon nightclub in Glasgow - I was pushed to the ground due to my ecstatic dancing, but it was my honor to be picked off the floor by Billie herself (not unlike the lyric to Bright Lights Fading no less).

'And when it's over will there be a next chance' is an uncharacteristically doe-eyed lyric from Billie, but her rueful sense of contol is very much behind the steering wheel here. Billie's lisp is even more vulnerable, and it is the first time she has been this exposed, sounding so clearly enthused by love and, clutch your pearls boys, optimism!

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