Thursday, 17 September 2009

Loose Diva's

Above: I cannot wait to see whose bubble is going burst first? If it's Lulu, an explosion of haggis and margarine will be sprayed all over the joint.

Well, these three broads are coming to Glasgow next month. Here, Chaka Khan, Anastacia and stuffed-haggis Lulu are on the GMTV sofa with Lorraine Kelly (think size 14 Cheryl Cole in 20 years time, but Scottish). This clip is nothing exceptional, but Lula and Anastacia just appeared without Chaka on a daytime chatshow called Loose Women a few hours ago (I have this show on my Sky+ 'series link') and let's just say when this clip arrives on youtube I cannot wait to point out where: a) Lulu grinds her teeth as Anastacia finishes her sentence after the Shout singer tries to take over; and b) where Lulu's faux-American accent is evidently a passive-aggressive dig at her co-headliner and Anastacia's deadpan responce that she and the Scot are BFF's with no need to blurt out 'nawwt!'

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