Monday, 15 March 2010

Dana International - I Feel Love

In the 6-12 months before we finally get a new album from her, what better time to get cracking onto showcasing Dana International's unreleased material of which there is many many gems than now? One of which is a cover of the Donna Summer flop I Feel Love. Whilst Summer did at least try to make this become one of disco's most recogniseable anthems, it is not until Israel's most recogniseable tranny gives it a go that the song finally sounds as if it might become vaguely iconic. Dana's timid ethnic version was so superior the Diva singer felt more guilt about it than the night she chose to tell her parents her penis was in a London rubbish bin, so much so that it was decided not to release it until Donna Summer dies of natural causes of rumoured internal-homophobia. However, Diva Incarnate says 'hell no' to that.

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