Monday, 29 March 2010

Livin' Joy - Don't Stop Moving (the album review)

Front-loaded with 2 alpha divas as lead singers, this is the Tameka show despite Livin' Joy's first signiture song Dreamer owing everything to the sultry roar of Janice Robinson's inmitable vocals as well as her writing credit - sadly Ms Robinson's original version, which became a global number 1 smash, only appears as a hidden track. Tameka's gutsy go-for-broke style immediately responds with the act's second mega hit Don't Stop Moving, another full-pelt anthem - her lightening bolt vocals are not for the faint hearted but like her predecessor she fleshes out the song in a way that defines it beyond mere lyric and melody. Both singers trigger a unique rocket fuel with miraculous neo-camp sassiness (Pick Up The Phone is high class trash as far as I am concerned - you'll want to hear it again).

The air wooshes through your patience on the albums final modest hit single Deep In You (sadly there were no decent remixes). Tameka is more than the apprentice diva, but her lack of composure almost strips the rampant italo-house predator Where Can I Find Love of it's superb blizzard of desperation (although I do think 'am I looking for love on all the wrong websites' would have been the better lyric - missed a trick, girl).

She's pleasingly virtually anonymous on the soothing dancefloor throb Whenever You're Loney. Always insisting on getting her props, her much raggedier, much quirkier and much more wayward diagnosis' can be seen as symptoms of a somewhat awful nervous disorder if one is to be kind.

The fully engaged Follow The Rules establishes such versatile slogans as 'don't stop climbing till you reach the top'. Even self-made sex bombs have feelings: bedroom feelings of course; and Let Me Love You breaks it down if there were any doubt. Once again her careful message is loud and clear on Be Original and Don't Cha Wanna, both solid handbag swingers.

Before Dreamer the guys produced two Janice Robinson solo singles: the Dannii Minogue Gone-ish-but-good Children (seek it out and its anthemic pianotastic Explorer remix), and the Kelly Llorenna classic Sweetest Day of May (also a thrilling remix package).

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