Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Shakira - Gypsy

Sometimes when I comment on other people's blogs I end up writing an essay and making it all about ME, so I thought I might spare humanity and let the world know how I feel about Shakira's new single Gypsy (Sandcastle Disco Part II) right here as Brandy might plead to the jury.

If the credits rolled on Xena Warrior Princess: The Porno, then this would be playing as hordes of angry and aroused lesbians mopped up their mess. Yes, I LOVE this song. It's her Sandcastle Disco, or maybe instead of sand her disco is made of pita bread or something else ratially offensive to South American people. If I were Shakira I would be bent over and lubed up 'accidentally' never mind doing a little wiggle in front of Nadal - that's right I'd be pregnant and blaming it on Mathew Knowles (again). Speaking of trash, Beyonce would just throw a bucket of mayo over him and start feasting of course. In all seriousness, the Freemasons single edit sounds remarkably like Filter's classic 1999 strummer Take A Picture, which is due a Diva Incarnate mention very soon if I can hurry my non-hairy ass to finish a long overdue post that is coming up soon.


Mike said...

Great minds think alike!

Although, I think the Freemasons "remix" is pretty pointless.

Diva Incarnate said...

That's what I was referring to - I started writing a comment on your post but it just got longer and LONGER so like a pro I had to withdraw and aim my mess/post elsewhere.

When I got the memo I actually thought Gitano was a brand new song.