Saturday, 27 March 2010

La Bouche

Okay I'll get my bush jokes out of the way (you don't need to trim much to get to the good stuff with these guys, etc). La Bouche were capable of some of the fastest 90s disco. Culpable to many limp dick ballads, one can only guess it was a compromise to singer Melanie Thorntons ambitions to launch a solo career. Many larger-than-life diva's did settle with dance music in order to have a career. Sad but true. However, with Melanie I do get the sense she enjoyed every sweaty moment that came with being part of such an act whoring out 5 song set lists in front of eager gays like there was no tomorrow.

Their many rampant highlights include the streoppy (Romy & Michelle featured) Be My Lover, my favourite Falling In Love (make sure you don't confuse it with the ballad), I Love To Love, Sweet Dreams, the aptly titled You Won't Forget Me and soaring In Your Life, which was the final Melanie led vocal to be released as a single as it was originally a solo track. Many, many, many unreleased gems are 'out there' and youtube is your friend if you want to hear some of them.

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