Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Agnes Carlsson - On & On (UK Single Edit)

Wig-on-a-turd Agnes is back and this time she's changed enough about what we love about her to actually mean it. On & On was originally a full on collision between a Tina Cousins and Culture Beat - it was just that good. This is a decent remix, but now sounds like an anonymous 90s remix which feels like a really bizarre ploy to tell fans of the original that they are in fact wrong in a bid to get a hit - Release Me wasn't exactly generic dancefloor slush, it had adrenaline, a rampant quality and an unminstakable surge or euro-pop, so this rinsing of its essential nutrients is almost insulting. The video would be a great treatment for a Velvet track, but I won't hold my breath for it to catch on.

Above: the wind has been completely knocked out of that melodramatic middle-8. The song was previously really gut-wrenching, now she's just dry purging the same bile as Swedish cougar Velvet.

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