Friday, 9 April 2010

Cooler Kids R.I.P

Somewhere in between shit and amazing were 2003 blink-and-you-did-miss-them dancefloor whores the Cooler Kids, comprised of knob twiddler Kaz Gamble and current Shiny Toy Guns vocalist Sisely Treasure. Ex Luscious Jackson diva Jill Cunniff was appointed 'groove godmother'. It's almost conceavably an actual Luscious J track from their swansong Electric Honey album (the basement disco of Nervous Breakthrough blows off steam from the same kettle). Their Punk Debutante album wasn't as great as their debut single, but sizely treasures Morning Star, Viva La Fever and E Is For Everyone were plausibly decent. All Around The World is pure ecstasy without the need for innuendo.

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