Sunday, 18 April 2010

Corona - Baby Baby

Continuing my 90s dance skidmarks, the decade didn't dump a bigger whallop of rampant Eurodance than Corona's galvanic sexdrive Baby Baby. You simply wouldn't have gotten a more lethal dancefloor dosage unless Kelly Llorenna was injecting you with heroine. It was smeared all over the charts in 1995, nudging top 5 in the UK and grazing the summit in the land of Dana International (aka Israel). I can't 'bear' to look at naked fat men porno, so always chose the underground transport setting of the second video shot for the single, although Olga's jawdropping good looks - as their 1998 comeback proves - could survive even the most Dannii Minogue of budgets:

Corona still had their second album to come, reviewed here, but the attention-grabbing beats and overly subtle lyrical harassment of the first album's hits still explain their spectacular appeal most convincingly.

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