Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kylie Backs Out of Whitney Cover For New Single

For 23 gruesome years, Kylie Minogue was hell bent on stopping her younger sister take over the world. All Kylie could manage was Europe, but she still succeeded in reducing her sibling to nothing more than a gay icon with a really hot baby daddy. As if that wasn't enough, she is also releasing a new single. It sounds reallu good. In blogsphere this news will have more coverage than Heidi Montag's herpes, yet I couldn't resist regurgitating the sample of the first single, which celebrates K's well known love for equal opportunity gangbangs, All The Lovers:

Above: it really is hard to tell whether or not Kylie is singing in this clip or not ('LOL').

The new name for her new album? Aphrodite. It's not the first time she's taken inspriation from Lady Miss Kier Kirby (just go with me on this one), but I'll let it slip when it sounds this AMAZING.

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