Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Bittersweet

She who loves the make-up, Sophie Ellis Bextor continues to just amaze Diva Incarnate. Here we go again, we've got to stop not buying your music like this. Honestly, what is she like?

Exactly like she was the last time - Heartbreak Me A Dancer's follow-up Bittersweet has even less of a chorus and seems quite content on being solely reliant upon the familarly exuberant production courtesy of the work-shy Freemasons. If that was not enough, we need to wait until August for the album. It is certainly wise to promote a record with 3 singles, but the third one just happens to be a song that was originally recorded by Roisin Murphy (who is the Annie Lennox of the 21st century) and leaked back in 2007! Well good luck Sophie, no doubt you shall write yet another memorable personalised newsletter to the blog but I doubt even that will save you. And yes Make A Scene was the better album title, not Straight To The Dumper, which just sounds like your sophomore one.

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