Friday, 23 October 2009

Dannii's Shell-Shock Round 2

Dannii Minogue is set to shock ITV viewers in an interview scheduled to air soon as part of the sadly-vile Piers Morgan's Life Stories series. Personally, I would rather she remained silent and waited for the release of a non-rarities-compilation studio album to shoot her confessional load. The singer reportedly welcomes the teardrops, which already has me cringeing - this is the sort of programme best avoided as far as I am concerned, as it presents a one-off shot at creating a very good or extremely bad impression of yourself. One can only hope she gets good camera angles and stuns Piers with her oozing eyes as she says nothing about Sharon, nothing about Chery, nothing about Kylie, nothing about botox, nothing about not selling many records, nothing about lezza-gate and nothing about playboy. Oh wait...

Above: the naturally stunning Sharon Osbourne will be rubbing her clit red raw with excited fury as Dannii flatly confirms the 'Mum In A Million' is an inspiration to all parents whose kids have survived rehab and booked reality show appearances to tell the tale.

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