Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Very Promising Start

Fiercely independent Britney is looking marv for the first time in ages. I mean properly grown up and on her way - I mean that in a non-patronising tone, to allude to the chances of Britters finally fulfilling her promise of becoming a pop queen and not just a flakey over-sexed media phenomenon. I actually like 3 for its melody, lazor-beam synths and the singer's auto-tuned and sensual vocals, which are effortlessly horizontal. The photograph above more than reminds me of one of the shots of Kate Bush for her Hounds of Love album. With her second singles collection due for release, will Ms. Spears ever create a truly spellbinding work of art (her own Hounds of Love, Like A Prayer, Girl or World Clique) or forever scatter her greatness through 2-3 great tracks per album?

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