Thursday, 1 October 2009

Unfinished Business

The mouth-watering trance of Dana International's standalone TV show theme single Mifrats Ha'ahava (The Love Bay) was Diva Incarnate song of 2008 - the sharp attack is nothing new, but this was a flared-up return to her fearless 90s rave signature sound.

Currently a judge on Kochav Nolad (Irael's version of American Idol), she also starred in her own reality show - Dana has never been more in demand and a hotly anticipated new album is still expected to drop this year. I like the signs that it would not be out of the question for her to compete in a show such as Strictly Come Dancing, as there is more for this incredible diva still to concquer, but her absences merely fuel the mistique. A return to the UK surely cannot be out of the question - her native popularity has once again soared and it might be time once again to make use of that ambitious surname.

Above: a clip taken from her reality show - just look at the fun non-Hebrew speaking gays are missing out on!
The jist of it:
Both: they both say please to meet you.
Guy: I came to treat you with some presents.
Dana: you're such a sweetie.
Guy: prepare to recieve your divine gift!
Dana (to camera): where did you find this "thing"? You looked in many closets?
Dana to the guy: you're so stunning.
Guy: thank you, i know.
Dana: you probably "do it" to many girls.
Guy: true, also to boys.
Dana (to camera): this guy is very very concentrate in himself and not aware of anything alse.
Guy: are u concentrating on me?
Dana: I am, I am.
Guy: I like the way you looked.
Dana: did u now?
Dana (to camera): this person is mentaly ill, get him out of here.

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