Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Groove Armada featuring SaintSaviour

I am getting super shit with my descriptions of artists in terms of their comparisons to other acts, but by gosh the amazing new song I Won't Kneel (as if) by Groove Armada features vocalist SaintSaviour who looks like - here it comes - a cross (dresser) between Madonna's bubble-butt cougar Celebration outing and Norwegian goddess Bertine Zetlist. This is high praise as far as I am concerned, especially since the video fizzes together with the track perectly, which is out 16 November in the UK. Furnace-blasting electronic pathos doesn't come as crystalised as this often - I honestly thought it had to be some sort of Stevie Nicks cover, and those rusty guitars could massage melancholy out of a stone. In the video, SaintSaviour reaches up to the ceiling as an axis of euporia and it's more than a promising preview for the forthcoming 2010 release Black Light from which it is lifted.

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Mike said...

I love this too. It's brilliant!