Thursday, 22 October 2009

Dannii Stuns The World - The 1995 Sessions

1. Free Your Love
2. Skin Deep
3. Love And Affection
4. I Got This Feeling
5. Let Love Into Your Life
6. Everlasting Night
7. Crazy For Your Love
8. Love In Me
9. Exclusively
10. Love Will Find A Way
11. Don't Wanna Leave You Now.
12. Free Your Love (Bonus Track)

Her shelved album finally due for release on 23/11/2009 - I am actually quite emotional about this!


Glitter Thug said...

OMG I thought u were joking, but i checked Amazon and it's listed. Bring it on, I want 90's reminicense.....
Thanx for keepin me laffin in 2009.

Diva Incarnate said...

On paper it should be her best album (the rumored producers, etc), so I really cannot wait - I love how she so casually pleases her fans like this. And thanks for the comment - do you have a blog yourself?

There's the 2nd CD tracklisting to be confirmed as well!