Saturday, 31 October 2009

Oops ... Shakira Did It Again

If Britney is happy to look like a fit Courtney Love circa 1998, then great, but she really needs to start making an effort - there is not even much to parody beyond her now trademark arm-raise/face-smirk, which originally featured in the British cut of the Peice of Me video.

Shakira on the other thigh, recycles Madonna's sloppy-seconds with the male dancer Cloud (who I am now bored of after his shoulder-jigging on Miss Rowland's When Love Takes Over clip), with the best artistic choreography since Dannii Minogue collapsed at the end of Douche Me Like That. But why is she in the steam room with a bunch of Charlottes*?

*You know, the epidose titled The Attack of The 5 Foot 10 Woman where Char feels insecure about de-robing in the steam room because of her thighs.

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