Friday, 2 October 2009

Gay Icons Kill Their Entire Fanbase

Camp middle-aged UK gays nationwide are being rushed to hospital with manic limp-wrist-flapping injuries not seen since Madonna was last able to blink without the aid of defibrillators. Yes, homosexuals, flora-face Olivia and sandpaper-face Babs are on the promo trail in old Blighty. I'll find out why in a minute, but so far Newton-John has been on Loose Women with her not-ugly silver fox hubby and talked about things that didn't involve the sentences 'I love my gays' or 'I have a new dance single coming out'. She has had her lips done, but who fucking cares these days - she is due to make a much more entertaining appearance on the Graham Norton show who shall no doubt ruffle the broad even better than Kathy Griffin did before him. Babs has already been on the BBC, but I was on the treadmill when I saw the images and somehow managed not to faint and seek the aid of the walrus on the machine next to me.


My frigging Sky+ never recored the show so I shall have to wait until Monday to blab on Babs - I ain't watching it online, the effect isn't so entertaining sitting cross-legged on my bed unless I am watching porn, but I digress.

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Mike said...

I'm excited about Barbra's new album - even though I'm sure it's another batch of overwrought ballads. Not sure what ONJ's up to though. I love that bitch but I didn't think she had new stuff out.