Saturday, 20 February 2010

Madonna - I Can't Remember The Last Time I Enjoyed A Madonna Ballad

So Madonna's soggy tampon Something To Remember reject I Can't Forget has leaked. Finally, another crap Madonna song, just what I was wanting 2010 to bring and hey-soos christ have my indecisive prayers been answered. I actually love Madonna's vocals on it - I preferred her struggling to sound like a vamp as opposed to the Hard Candy cougar-witch drawl. Taken from her impressive David Foster sessions (You'll See and One More Chance are absolute corkers). Like the latter, this is another post-midnight candle-burner, but blows itself out after about 30 seconds. Go listen to Sonia's more memorable Can't Forget You insead.

Edit: I have not been typing much lately, but do feel a posting purge is well overdue soon.

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