Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Smashing Pumpkins - Disco King

There is one gigantic chorus I especially love in isolation from the Smashing Pumpkins - that it's technically a metal song is perhaps a wayward deviation from what this blog is about, but for his pompus grandeur Billy Corgan easily qualifies as only the second male artist to feature. The Everlasting Gaze is saturated in human error, 'you know I'm not dead' (way before Pink) complaining bitterly about being alive, 'I'm just living inside my head' possibly explains my obsession with music itself, and Billy's inpenetrable voice suddenly finds a take-off projection 'on the ways of your desire, you always find a way' is shot like a missile and finds a grimness and powerful euphoria like taking to space - devotional concentration with a beat.

The original demo is called Disco King and is even more cruddy, except it thankfully scaves off Billy's scabby acapella section of which totally renders the studio version unlistenable thereafter (had there have been an extra chorus after it things would have been different). Corgan wore a dress in the video and upset Sharon Osbourne who resigned from position as his manager citing 'health reasons ... Billy Corgan makes me sick'. Some things never change.

Today Billy dates Jessica Simpson. Maybe they do.

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