Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Night Is So Pretty & So Young: The Return of Roxette

My first musical obsession Roxette are back next year with their new studio album Charm School due February 2011, preceded by a new single called She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio).

Roxette are one of the few bands I struggle to actually choose a favourite album from: 1991's Joryride quenches every possible thirst imaginable and represents the peak of their overproduced vigour and sheer over-the-speed-limit melodic untouchableness; 1989's Look Sharp! is almost disco and Marie's vocals have the power to heel (this is their LP with the strongest batch of album tracks); and both 1999's glossy Have A Nice Day and the fast delivery (who expected a new album after only 2 years?) of 2001's slightly more sombre Room Service got their sensibility and position just right, but neither ignored their fetish for eccentric adrenaline (Crush On You and You Make My Head Go Pop being prime examples). With anthems and tremorring power-ballads that shatter like glass, I can't wait for the promise of a return to their vintage sound - for me, their only wobbly moment was Crash! Boom! Bang! but even that had its moments (the cock-hungry Sleeping In My Car was a top ten near miss but nothing else had the same amount of fuel in the tank sadly). Anyway, perhaps expect a discogrpahy dissection over the next few weeks when I have more time beyond my studies.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! :-D I love Roxette!

Diva Incarnate said...

I'm beyond excited :)