Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sara Love - Glamour Bitch

Ex A*Teens bopper Sara Love has a heavy cash-flow this month with her 2006 crunk-pop dance jam Glamour Bitch. Where have I been? The 'point on' rhymes are airtight with the mention of 24 inches, a rapper behind her all the way, shoplifted beats sounding off the alarm that remind me of an unfortunate instance the other day when I tried to walk out of Tesco with Nadine's album stuffed down my jeans, racist 'ching-ching chong' name-calling, and tutting street-talk sophistication that other faded rehab-bound pop stars can only dream of. Slick and glossy, with a the best 'biiiaaaatch' meows since Mya's unforgettable Whatever Bitch. As the track comes to a climax it soon becomes clear where Gaga stole her 'roma roma' chants - seriously. Just like she sings herself: get the fuck out!

Download available on request!

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