Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sister Sledge - The Essential (2010)

Disco survivors Sister Sledge are one of my favourite patrons of pop: their seminal We Are Family album was never bettered either commercially or artistically, and only a few scatterings here and there lived up to such a high standard if at all; therefore it pleases me greatly that yet another 2-disc compilation album for these gals should arrive just in time to fill the gap in the Christmas budget compilation market. Essentially just a re-release of a previous set called The Definative Groove Collection, this double-duty best of package does a solid job of showing what these girls were made of beyond the handful of Chic-helmed hits they are known for. Purchase the stormy hi-NRG thunder of He's Just A Runaway on 7digital for evidence. Sadly missing is the flashy, exhuberant palpatations on the Pointer Sisters style dance cut called Let Him Know (girl-group perfection btw). Check out my previous Sister Sledge posts for more info on their back catalogue by clicking on the relevant labels below.

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