Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wilson Phillips - Christmas In Harmony (2010)

Above: the girls are so close these days they refuse to even look in the same direction.

Nothing brings defunct 90s girlgroups back from the brink of reality TV, liposuction dramas and tabloid-fed family fall-outs than the innocently concieved cash-in nature of a Christmas CD. For Wilson Phillips, their dramas are well-known and this season's Christmas In Harmonony is a back to basics affair. Upstaging absolutely no one, the girls what-the-hell approach generates the results they deserve - no really. These big-league belters are back ... for longer than 12 days I hope!

Their faithful rendition of I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday is enjoyable, well-chosen and even inspired some ass-slapping dance moves from Wendy Williams when the girls recently sang it live on her talk show. Clumsy bell-chiming aside, the makeshift appeal might not have been intended but this is one of the few Christmas songs you can't go wrong with.

In a nutshell:
Equally thrift-store, Little Drummer Boy is better and actually justifies their claim of the album's concept; the upbeat Warm Lovin' Christmastime plugs away at familiar cliches - like a gift you know you're getting, you can still appreciate the effort in wrapping it up nicely; When A Child Is Born is lovely; the insistently nagging Christmastime is adorably decent; Silent Night is given the Dolly treatment (more on her in the next few days I promise); Santa Clause Is Coming To Town is dolled-up cougar-style; Silver Bells is a bit of Spector-headache; perfunctory Sleigh Ride slightly wonky (which might add to the 'fun'); gameful irony of Joy's 'Christmas is more than a price tag' hits its target just about whether the girls are in on the joke or not, brittle piano keys tinkle on the chirpy Winter Wonderland; The Christmas Song secures yet another pleasingly purposefully-pointless rendition; and no one can accuse the girls of cynicism on Our Prayer, a gorgeous harmonic rhapsody I could literally listen to for minutes.

Below: I'm dreaming of an airbrushed Christmas.

Bringing reliably good cheer to the mix, Wilson Phillips have produced one of the better holiday albums in recent years. Yes, their overall conviction is nothing innovative, but the descerning song choice can't be scoffed at, and producerd Glen Ballard keeps their vocal icing from going stale, even if their commercial motivation is more obvious than a drunk santa in the back of a police car.


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JP.M said...

Hello, Christmas is really a special and very pleasant with each year's batch of CDs for these special moments.
Thank you and good week JPaul in France