Sunday, 12 December 2010

Xtina-Factor: Beware of the Glare

Christina Aguilera’s trademark disdain for anything that shares oxygen with her is what can make the Beautiful singer awesome sometimes – on last night's UK weekly televised national standstill extravaganza the X-Factor, she managed to smile at finalist-contestant Rebecca-something when the poor Liverpudlian dullard was too overwhelmed to even sing, and I did notice that when they held hands there was no blood or anything (Christina has a heart of gold you see). Promoting Burlesque (UK cin!emas 17 December), Xtina belted out the soundtrack highlight Express in spectacularly trampy style. Forget her stodgy dancing inability, she exuded star power from start to finish. However, my favourite moment was not hearing host Dermot O'Leary - who had a MICROPHON! - and then storming off stage when he professionally cut her off. Deee-Vaah!

Also guesting and upstaging the riff-raff, superstar Rihanna was fucking awesome: her sizzling entrance smouldered like some camp Marlene Detrich vehicle, and her spectacular sizing up of poor, fidgety Matt was simply incredible and hilarious. Her vocals are what glues her songs together – the sound of her timbre is so distinctive and, especially live, she is gaining more and more control over it as times goes by. I had shamelessly not even heard her US number 1 What’s My Name untill tonight and will be buying the album in the morning when I go xmas shopping - so expect a review any day soon!

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