Monday, 2 November 2009

Dana & Dannii Double-Up For BBC Drama

BBC2 drama Beautiful People shocked the gay community and the world when singing sisters Dannii and Kylie went forehead to forehead on their duet The Winner Takes It All, which admittedly sounds like a reasonable reward from Jay-Z but eventually turned out to be just a cover of the ABBA song.

Above: he might be ridiculous, but I really wouldn't mind giving Michael Lucas backstage access.

Not that it has stopped Dannii coming back for more, as both she and the Israel superstar Dana International have recorded their scenes (not together sadly) for the TV show set to air soon. The Eurovision sensation pays homage to her 1998 victory in the sequence, and lord knows what Dannii has been reeled in for. It is noted in this months Attitude magazine that Dana arrived in the country believing the show was a big deal here, announcing shyly 'I'm here to star in The Beautiful People' to the nearest homeless person. One might hope that the soundtrack shall feature a new song from her and not just Diva.

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