Sunday, 8 November 2009

Billie Ray Martin's Latest Fan-Release

It's here! For some silly reason DJ Hell's new collaboration with Billie Ray Martin, Silver Machine, only appears on the Japanese edition of his most recent album Teufelswerk. The cheek!

It's another mouth-foaming bat-cave vocal from the scary German goddess - actually she is not scary, Diva Incarnate was personally priviledged when grabbed from off the floor by her at a gig (sadly not whilst singing 'pick me up off the floor and out me in your show tonight, I was born for the bright spotlight' from Bright Lights Fading, which was in the set).

On Machine the tears won't well up, but if you wait you just might get goosebumps: she doesn't go all Aretha until well into 3 minutes, but Martin keeps you waiting just the way she wants. And what we really want of course, is a follow-up album to 2001's masterpeice Eighteen Carat Garbage - I still remember getting that album for Christmas, to have Billie's Elvis jumpsuit artwork in my hands was my favourite present that year.

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