Monday, 23 November 2009

Fight For AATW Supremacy

Karen Parry watch out gurrl, there's a new skank Nazine on the scheme, with about as much star quality as a big shit covered in glitter. I say new, but it was only today I cast my eyes on the dead-eyes of a mysterious session singer staring blankly into presumably some club bouncer holding up his mobile phone at her. Resonance Q got a 2003 tart-over on their 'classic' anthemic cover of Mariah's forgettable hit single Someday. AATW has disabled the video from being embedded onto blogs - Karen must must still be a nervous wreck!

I just love watching AATW music videos on youtube for the comments section alone - where else can you find such class such as the user LiverpoolsOwnJoe's informative 'this is me mates cuzin..shes a dance teacher now in the swan', and Saxyvtr's reccomendation 'sounds great in a Saxo with 2 subs pounding :)' whatever that means.

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