Sunday, 8 November 2009

OK Magazine Causing Waves In Popworld

Okay, so OK! magazine is rather good this week: it features quotes and interviews from aspiring popstar Kerry Katona, Swedish hit and miss group BWO, fellow-Scandinavian legends Aqua and the thin woman's Beyonce, Kelly Rowland. A bizarre but marvelous menu.

Kerry can't seem to keep her nose out of trouble so if she pulls this off I for one cannot wait to wince at what goods she manages to come up with - no doubt it will be a mere premise for another season of her reality show, which can't go on if all she has got is footage of her sitting on her kitchen bunker feeling sorry for herself with a soggy fag in her chubby fingers. Something trashy and Eurovision-tastic will be remembered forever so my low expectations can only be hysterically confirmed or shabolically transcended.

Bodies Without Organs' very own cougar queen Marina Schiptjenko has the kind of appealing stiff-upper-lip glamour that is more akin to the whores in Hello magazine of whom host 'in my country mansion' style photoshoots and talk about shooting pheasant with Madonna and their top bullimia tips to look good for 40 with nothing but ice-cream and their middle finger for survival.

Kelly Rowland squeels about her single life being so much better than that shit song by Beyonce.

Finally, Aqua's Lene and the bald one respond to loosely based 'questions' related to some of their song titles, which is amusing as it's not as if 99.9% of the magazine's readers will have heard of Be A Man, and new songs Live Fast, Die Young and forthcoming single My Mamma Said. She confirms she once dated Katona's ex Brian McFaden.

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