Monday, 2 November 2009

Like, Yeah Yeah

She might have a mouth like a cat's clenched backside on her new single's artwork, but Linda Sundblad's noisy girls anthem 2 All My Girls is magnetic. The best song from her debut album Oh My God was the sedate Lose You - imagine a cross between Kylie's teetering rain of The One and the swirling tempo of Girls Aloud's Call The Shots - whilst much of the rest seemed rather try-hard (Back In Time was simply horrendous).

It might be about as cool as watching SisterSister re-runs, but Sunblad's cherry pie gutsy-meets-cute girl on the block vocal niche is more than enough to rescue what could have been one big steaming hot mess and delivers what is effectively Pretty Rebels on E - crashing guitars and milky synths collide in beautiful chaos.

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