Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hell No, Bitches!

Mutya might be looking 10 months preggars and about to run onto the loathesome Jeremy Kyle talkshow to start yelling at a chav, but she is coming across the fierces she has since squatting over a male model in the Push The Button video - questioned about the 'Babes, she refuses to acknowledge Heidi and why even bother with Amelle and Jade when the 'Sugababes' are basically Atomic Kitten these days?

Above: 'lovely to see the two of you together. Brilliant!'

The 4.O girls appeared on the ITV spin-off show The X-Tra Factor with chemistry about as flowing as a slab of cement. Amelle's post-rehab 'oh no you didn't' eyeballing (2:06!) when Heid talks over her and the whole room going stale (!:44) when Jade tries to answer what people are thinking whilst talking about contestant Danyl having to deal with bad press? Amazing. Flush these fakers down the toilet already, thanks. Amelle (1:18) kind of seals their fate anyway with her fantastic warmth and likeability.

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